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Every effort has been made by Piel Craftsmen to accurately identify, describe, date, measure, and picture each item to the best of our ability. All items are sold as they are pictured.



Early Boxed Ebony Octant

Bears the initials (conjoined) "LBR" on the main scale, brass radial arm. Missing some ivory.

14"overall length

Box Label: "Gedney King Mathematical Instrument Maker

No 29 State Street, Boston"

price: $795.00

item #MT34



Fine Cased Chart Roller

Late 1800's

Maker: Coombes, Davenport - Stamped

With original owners name, H.C. Caldwell

size 16" long

price: $250.00

item #MT8


Brass and Wood Telescope

size 23" long

price: $295.00

item #MT10


Brass and Leather Telescope

with Rope Detail

size 17" long

price: $295.00

item #MT11



Piel Craftsmen will honor the return of any item under the following conditions:

1. Notification by the customer within 10 days that the item is being returned.

2. The customer is responsibile for the proper packing of the item and must ship the item fully insured back to Piel Craftsmen within 30 days.


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